Abdurehman Eid Tahir

An economist by profession, Mr. Abdurhman Eid Tahir serves as CEO of Ethiopian Investment Holdings (EIH), a strategic government investment firm. He has a strong background in development consulting and has played a significant role in the Somali Region’s economy, where he held prominent positions before joining EIH.

In September 2022, he was appointed Deputy CEO of EIH. Prior to being appointed CEO in February 2023, he was primarily responsible for portfolio management. Ethiopia has grown and developed under his leadership. Before taking over as CEO, Mr. Tahir was EIH’s Deputy CEO and served on the Somali Region’s reform team. Sustainable development and economic growth have been the focus of his work. In addition to his duties at EIH, Mr. Tahir is the Minister of Urban Development in the Somali Region, contributing actively to Ethiopia’s political and societal landscape. In his new role as Minister of Drainage and Resource Management, he demonstrates dedication to infrastructure development.

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