Dr. Celeste Cecilia Moles Lo Turco

Dr. Celeste Lo Turco’s career is indeed impressive and diverse. With her extensive experience in the field of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs), sustainability, and her deep involvement in Middle Eastern politics and economics, she has built a notable expertise. Her roles have ranged from working for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to being a United Nations analyst specializing in Security and Middle-East Political Affairs. Furthermore, her tenure in various high-profile positions in the Middle East, including as a Vice President Strategy for Future Holding in the UAE and a Director at NEOM in Saudi Arabia, highlights her significant contributions to the region’s economic and strategic development.

Now, as a Director for PwC in Dubai, focusing on ESG and Sustainability, she continues to influence the field. Her academic credentials, including a PhD in Political Theory and a master’s degree in International Relations, along with her position as a Georgetown University Fulbright Visiting Researcher, add to her authority as an active writer and expert in SWFs, sustainability, and global economics. Dr. Lo Turco’s journey reflects a remarkable blend of academic prowess and practical experience in high-stakes international environments.

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