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SWFI Family Office Round Table Platform

SWFI FORT Global is an international thought leadership and convergence platform by Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI®) that is driven by a purpose of protecting generational wealth, preserving legacies, and promoting prosperity for the good, better and the right.

SWFI Family Office Round Table Global Events foster collaboration, share knowledge, and create strategies among the world’s leading families behind the family offices, policy makers, and influencers in conjunction with the greatest investment minds of sovereign wealth funds, pension, endowments, allocators, and asset managers to link, learn, and lead.



The core tenets of SWFI FORT Events can be encapsulated in the acronym “ROCKS.”
Each one emphasizes a distinct set of values.

AND Recognition

AND Outreach

Capital AND

AND Kickstart


ROCKS are the cornerstone of SWFI FORT, providing the essential structure to our beliefs and practices.

SWFI Family Office Round Table Events through Relationship Building – The Backbone of Success enables you to

Our events serve as a Meeting Point for visionaries who believe in the power of relationship driving transactions.

SWFI FORT Events through Opportunity Sharing facilitates you to

At SWFI FORT Events, we present an Environment for Guests to develop chances that balances financial gains with societal benefits, by putting forth and connecting, unhindered by any specific domain or geographical barrier. Significantly, it’s a solicitation-free zone.

SWFI FORT Events through Capital Accessibility empowers you to

SWFI FORT Events are designed as Meeting Hubs to deliver unmatched value through laying down the foundation to capital allocators by introducing them to diverse perspectives and strategies from global peers in a neutral environment.

SWFI FORT Events through Exchange of Knowledge helps you to achieve

We have crafted our events to be a Nexus of Knowledge, allowing both seekers and givers to relay their accomplishments and learnings from the world of wealth creation and impactful actions.

SWFI FORT events through Gaining Synergy drives you to build

Drawing from the richness of Peer Engagement, SWFI FORT events guide attendees to balance sustainable economic prosperity for generations.

SWFI FORT Global Events are brought to you by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI®),
a global think tank that was established in 2008

Global Wealth Conference, London, 2023
SWFI FORT North America 2023
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Global Wealth Conference, London, 2023
SWFI FORT North America 2023

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GOOD Talk isn’t just a conversation; it’s a movement, driving change, fostering innovation, and redefining the paradigms of global wealth management.

The GOOD Fellows Awards honor remarkable individuals for their unique contributions. Their profound influence and sustainable, innovative changes set them apart. The GOOD Fellows environment is characterized by its emphasis on knowledge dissemination and stimulating discourse among visionary individuals. Beyond being a mere platform, its ambition is to recalibrate wealth’s trajectory and its societal ripple effects. At its heart lies the GOOD Talk series, designed to instigate significant interactions among the fellows.

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Global Wealth Conference 2024


Texas has all the right reasons to host
Family Office Round Table North America 2023

GDP: USD 1.9 Trillion
2nd largest Economy in the US
9th largest Economy in the world
8th largest economy in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)

USD 375 Billion worth of Exports

31 million: Second Populous state in the US

695,620 square kilometers: Second Largest state in the US

55 Fortune 500 Companies call Texas home

1.5 million HNWIs

100,000 UHNWIs

750 Family Offices (approx.) managing an average of USD 100 Million in assets

1000+ Asset Managers managing average assets worth USD 1 Billion

10 Large Public Pension Funds, with total assets under management of over $500 billion

20 Endowments, with total assets under management of over $100 billion

500 Private Equity Funds, with total assets under management of over $500 billion

200 Venture Capital Funds with total assets under management of over $100 billion

1,000 Banks, with total assets of over USD 1 Trillion

500 Credit Unions, with assets of over USD 100 Billion

1,000 Investment Firms, with assets under management of over USD 1 Trillion

1,000 Insurance Companies, with assets of over USD 1 Trillion

919 Registered Investment Advisory Firms

216 Registered Broker Dealers

16 Registered Broker Dealers
26 Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

47 Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs)